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3rd Azerbaijan International
Advertising and Printing Exhibition

1 - 2 October 2021

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AdPrint - Exhibition stands and pavilions of any configuration!
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Exhibition stands and pavilions of any configuration!


Jeyhun Manafov, CEO at Expo Solution Group

- The Expo Solutions Group company was established in 2003, and since 2009 it has been operating not only in Azerbaijan, but also in other countries, and in particular, in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. The company's range of services includes the design, design, manufacture and installation of exhibition stands, as well as the organisation, design and conduct of exhibitions, presentations and other large-scale events.

Today, the company has the technology to build exhibition stands and street pavilions of any configuration and complexity. Expo Solutions Group also offers its clients a full range of services for presentations, from preparing a concept and selecting a room for a presentation to visualizing an event in compliance with the corporate style of the company, design and manufacture of printing and souvenir products, etc.

At the current exhibition, we offer the innovation which is “vertical gardening” or “phyto-design”; this is a form of growing moss on a special basis in an upright position. The base allows you to maintain moss in a green state for three years without the need for watering. Giving various forms allows the use of vertical gardening in the design of rooms and gives them a special charm.

We are very pleased with the organisation of the exhibition. On the first day, we held a number of interesting meetings, established new contacts and look forward to expanding our client base.